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Doctoral Studies

Dotoral studies at Packaging Logistics

Through doctoral studies at LTH, students gain both broad and specialised knowledge within their field. In addition, opportunities are provided to work with project management and to develop teaching and leadership skills in a broad sense. As a PhD student you gradually develop a scientific approach to the world. In brief, doctoral studies involve getting practice in how to think critically and analytically, learning to solve problems independently using an appropriate methodology and developing research ethics awareness. Studies can lead to either a licentiate degree or a PhD. If you enrol in graduate studies full time, you will become PhD in four years.

Packaging Logistics research integrates several theoretical fields of knowledge, to accomplish effective and sustainable utilisation of resources throughout supply chains. Topics for doctoral research in Packaging Logistics include the interlinked areas of packaging, logistics and sustainable development and their integration with product, process and service innovations. Most of the doctoral projects at our department are carried out in close collaboration with related industry or public organisations. Since Packaging Logistics is a multidisciplinary research area, our PhD students have a high variety of educational backgrounds and professional experiences creating a highly stimulating learning environment. After completion of doctoral studies in Packaging Logistics, it is equally common for our alumni to work in industry, for consultancy firms or stay on in academia.

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