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Food Innovation and Product Design (FIPDes)

FIPDes is an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master programme in Food Innovation and Product Design scheduled over two academic years. The overall objective of FIPDes is to provide top-level and up-to-date education that qualifies the graduates to cope with the huge challenges in the sector of food innovation along with product design and packaging. It is a joint programme coordinated by a consortium of four universities:

Studies are conducted in two or three universities depending on student interests. Students from all over the world can apply for the FIPDes scholarships. In Lund the students gain in-depth knowledge about food packaging design and logistics. More detailed information about how to apply, scholarships, partners and members, courses, and practical information are found on FIPDes official webpage.

FIPDes official webpage

FIPDes is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. Scholarships are awarded for certain top quality Master's programmes in Europe.

Master's theses

The FIPDes students' master's theses are made in close collaboration with industry, municipalities, and cluster organisations. Please find below links to previous students' theses from Lund University.

Theses by cohort 1 (2011-2013)

Zeynep BirsenCommunication of environmental innovations to consumers - A case of renewable packaging for Tetra Pak
Chun-Ning ChenMarket trends and product development of tray-sealed single serving ready meals in Sweden, Taiwan and China
Ivi KalyviotiA market research on non-sticking carton packaging material for yoghurt based products for Tetra Pak
Carolina MendozaSustainable development and food - Reinventing the school meal trough public procurement practices: The case of Malmö
Hoyeon ParkNeed of the market information in the B2B packaging industry - Insights into the milk formula market in the Asia-Pacific region at A&R Carton AB
Karla Marie ParedesFood in tubes: A "retro cool" Swedish innovation - Industrial history and consumers' perspectives
Viridiana Pineda CasiqueStudy of the key success factors in early stages of innovation at a global scale

Theses by cohort 2 (2012-2014)

Yessica Dwi AriestaExploratory case study of wheat flour and rice packaging in Indonesia - Proposals to develop paper-based packaging system
Mustafa BombaywlaCollaboration and innovation in food industry - Study on collaboration of packaging and process equipment industry with food manufacturing
Mena HannaPackaging development process for cardboard packages with direct food contact
Zyra Mae OlimanScanfill sheet as alternative material in the thermoforming industry in the Philippines - An explorative study

Theses by cohort 3 (2013-2015)

Silvia D’Alesio
Rémi Vandichel
A Secondary Packaging Solution Development Suitable for E-groceries through the Identification of Food Product and Logistics Requirements - A Case Study at
Silvia Garcia GonzalezCreating a new food category - Insights from stakeholders in the Swedish Market
Thuan Anh Thu HuaThe value of rib design in food packaging: from packaging company and consumer perspectives
Vita JarolimkovaPreparation and Characterization of Antimicrobial Packaging Films from Cricket Chitosan Enriched with Schisandra Chinensis Extract
Gerald Perry MarinCarboxylated Cellulose Nanocrystals Extraction from Kraft Pulp Using Ammonium Persulfate as Low Cost Source & Sustainable Method for High Quality Flexible Packaging Bio-coating
Priyanka MeenaInvestigating Product Behavior During Storage in Packaging Materials - A Study on Freshly Baked Croissants
Elisabete OliveiraFood Packaging Trends fo the Refrigerator - The perspective of packaging professionals
Anindyaningrum Chrisant RystiasihRetail and Consumer Perceptions on Paper Packaging for Flour in Indonesia - With Insights on Perceptions of Environmental Sustainability

Theses by cohort 4 (2014-2016)

Amy BredehoftAlternative packaging insulation material solutions for a meal kit subscription box industry leader
Monica Castaneda

Packaging solutions to reduce discolouration of spices due to light exposure

Santika Chenderasa

Development of new easy to open cheese packaging for elderly in Sweden - A design thinking approach

Anna KimInvestigation of high-barrier materials development for long shelf-life dairy-based products with enhanced properties 
Andrew Vasina

Characterization of casein micelles and sodium caseinate in dense suspensions

Theses by cohort 5 (2015-2017)

Elena Baixauli MarinTowards a bottle weight reduction - Evaluation in a selected milk plant in the United Kingdom
Brendan CrosseAn Explorative study into growth strategies used for developing a large-scale niche dairy Industry in Ireland
Wally Carcia CastilloFolding carton and internal printing: a technical approach to consumer differentiation and food safety
Júlia KrammerExploring the last phases of product development: From kitchen to plant production
Divya MohanEvaluating the behaviour of Lactobacillus plantarum 299v in non-dairy oat based yogurt using two different packaging materials
Yoga PutrandaImpact of biobased packaging materials on quality of fully-baked frozen bread
Muhamad Syahir SuhaimiEvaluation of the Corrugated Box Strength Performance in Supply Chains - A Case Study of Duni AB

Theses by cohort 6 (2016-2018)

Anna Beauxis-AussaletTowards a hybrid agile-stage-gate process to support innovation: Exploring challenges and opportunities in the dairy industry
Rafael Ferrándiz MartinezRecyclability by Design of Flexible Packaging
Clémentine MullerPaper-based flexible laminates tendency to curl - Investigating the effect of humidity and temperature
Emma PignèresIntegration of transparency into packaging design - Impact of light and oxygen on fermented Products
Jue Song and Siqi ZhangCritical factors for shelf life prediction of commercial fruit product
Zhuxuezi ZhaoImprovement areas for packaging and Logistics: A study of long shelf-life products in Danone Nutricia

Theses by cohort 7 (2017-2019)

Elena Araujo SotoExploring the product development process of a dairy based UHT drink: A public-private partnership targeting the Base of Pyramid market in Zambia
Mathieu CasanovasExtending the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables in retail stores - Assessment of an innovative controlled atmosphere solution
Kyriaki ChaniotiDeveloping dog biscuits from industrial by-product
Manava Bhushan DhamodharanPerformance of frozen meal packaging system in the cold supply chain
Fernando Guardiola RamírezTowards paper insulation packaging: Evaluation of thermal and logistics performance. A case study at HelloFresh
Nuti Hutasingh and Jan Roland MolinaEffect of unit operations on food particles - evaluated by image analysis and correlated with mechanical tests
Ashri Nugrahini and Sonam LhamoUnderstanding product build up at packaging material surface to address food waste
Theresa StolbergApplicability of bio-based polymer packaging in the meal kit context - A case study with HelloFresh

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