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Packaging Technology and Development

Packaging Technology and Development is an interdisciplinary 7.5 credit course that deals with the subject from consumer, product and environmental perspectives.

The aim of the course is to carry out a packaging development project with a related industry in peer groups of students from different programmes at LTH. 

The project helps you understand how to work in package development projects. You become aware of the different issues that have to be considered, such as user perspectives, the influence packaging has on product protection, the environment and marketing issues. We work with packaging prototypes and posters to explain the project ideas and results.

Lectures and company visits proide a basic platform for packaging knowledge. The lectures are held either by faculty or guest lecturers from the related industry. 

After completing the course, the student shall be able to:

  • Develop a packaging system based on user needs, product requirements and sustainability aspects.
  • Understand the development process for integrated product and packaging development. 
  • Identify the features of the most important packaging materials. 

Innovative packaging prototypes at the Museum of Work

Two innovative paper-based packaging prototypes made by students at the course Packaging Technology and Development are currently (2014-2019) on display at the exhibition Futureland at the Museum of Work in Norrköping, Sweden. With less environmental impact yet meeting the demands on a modern packaging solution, the prototypes are selected as examples of what could be the innovations of the future. Read more in the information leaflet (pdf-file, 1 MB) and in the student's testimonial below!

Student's testimonial

Review EyeLite Project

EyeLite is an innovative packaging for contact lenses with a base material of PaperLite, a thermoformable multi-layer paper developed by Flextrus. This alternative packaging was developed for a project in the Packaging Technology & Development course in Lund University (Lund, Sweden). In the beginning of the course, students were grouped together to collaborate with companies such as TetraPak, Flextrus, Hilti and Findus. Our group worked with Flextrus to find a new application for PaperLite.

Flextrus was very open-minded throughout the project. We freely explored multiple concepts and saw a potential to change the blister packaging for contact lenses. Since the market and consumer research were positive, we developed the concept further to a physical prototype with the help of the internal technical team. At the end of the course, we presented the packaging in the project showcase and received many positive feedbacks from the industry. 

Throughout the project, we learned how to manage a real-life case by working in a cross-functional team. We appreciated the opportunity to show our potential to the industry, and now we are excited to reach a broader audience through the exhibition “Framtidsland (Futureland) in the Museum of Work in Norrköping, Sweden.

 Written by Hoyeon Park (FIPDes 2011-2013)

EyeLite prototype was developed by a group of students (Larissa Eng, Jemila Habainy, Ying Liu, Mattias Oscarsson, Hoyeon Park).

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