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Below you can find different support documents that you will need during your Master thesis project at the Division of Packaging Logistics.

Support at the beginning of your master thesis

The Syllabus and guidelines document describes the general process of conducting a master thesis at Packaging Logistics. It is a good idea to read that document carefully once you start your Master thesis project to get an idea about the process. When you start your Master thesis you have to fill in the Enrolment form in Swedish or in English and leave the signed form to our course administrator Cilla Perlhagen. Start also to fill in the form Summary of activities in Swedish or in English at the beginning of your project and continue to add the required signatures while you are performing the different mandatory activities during your master thesis.

Support at the end of your master thesis

At the end of your project, when you have completed your Master thesis report, you will need to add the title template to the report (Title Template in Swedish, Title Template in English). Afterwards you have to create two pdf-files of your Master thesis report: one electronic report for publication in LUP and one report for printing. For the electronic report, please use the Cover templates for LUP student papers (LUP Cover Template in Swedish, LUP Cover Template in English). Once your Master thesis report has been approved by the examiner, you are required to upload the electronic file on LUP, for details see the Manual for LUP student papers in Swedish or in English.

Printing your master thesis

When your Master thesis report has been approved by the examiner, you can send it for printing, Contact the printing office Media-Tryck and provide information about the title, author name(s) and ISRN number. Media-Tryck will make the print according to the Lund University graphical standards.

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