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Camilla Nyquist Magnusson

Camilla’s research interest is applied focusing on logistical questions and problems within information sharing and Intelligent Transport Systems, ITS. ITS is defined as an interdisciplinary field of transportation and information systems.

Her PhD studies have a special focus on the relation between measures and effects of safety, security and efficiency in freight transportation. ITS is an important measure, but organizational aspects, in particular incentives, are considered as well. The aim of the research is to help the strategic planning of investments in measures for security, safety and efficiency at companies, as well as policy making for freight transportation.

Before pursuing an academic career, Camilla was a project manager in the ITS field at the Volvo Group leading e.g. the Port Pilot Gothenburg. At Volvo her haulier development expertise took her to Ethiopia where she started a haulier business with 1,000 trucks as a management consultant. Camilla has also worked as a consultant within ITS where she worked with transportation of dangerous goods, as well as contributed to a Swedish government investigation on eCall.

Camilla has been published in the Journal of Business Logistics and the International Journal of Transport and Shipping Logistics.

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