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Giana Carli Lorenzini

Giana Carli Lorenzini has an educational background in Visual Design and Communication Sciences. Giana holds a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. In 2018, she defended her PhD dissertation, entitled “Toward inclusive pharmaceutical packaging: An innovation and design process perspective” at the Division of Packaging Logistics, at Lund University. During her PhD education, Giana explored the complexities faced by the pharmaceutical industry to design packaging for medicine that is inclusive and user-friendly to patients. Her previous professional experiences comprise working as a designer, a marketing analyst and a packaging specialist at national and multinational companies.

Currently as a postdoctoral research fellow, Giana works on a project entitled “Patient-centred pharmaceutical packaging design for enhanced life quality of older people”, sponsored by the Familjen Kamprads Stiftelse. The on-going project investigates the challenges faced by older patients that need to manage their treatment, and that handle a variety of different medication packages every day. The project aims to contribute to the change from product-oriented to patient-oriented design processes for packaging in the pharmaceutical and packaging industry. The expected results from the project are to contribute knowledge about how future pharmaceutical packaging can best be adapted to older patients. With this knowledge, this research plans to inspire the pharmaceutical and packaging industry to change their design processes so that they consider the user perspective from early stages of packaging development. Consequently, we can have medication packaging that is designed with a greater understanding of patient’s needs, leading to a better quality of life for the older people who are dependent on medication.

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