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Giana Lorenzini

Giana Lorenzini has an educational background in Visual Design and Communication Sciences. Her previous studies were focused on design management and innovation for consumer packaging, developed through a Master in Production Engineering at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Currently as a PhD student, Giana’s studies are sponsored by the Brazilian government program, Science without Borders. At the Division of Packaging Logistics, she focuses on pharmaceutical packaging design for the elderly.

The on-going project considers the premise that products and packaging are integrated in large industrial cycles – able to meet both the user needs and the requirements of a globalized industry. Connected with that, the ageing of populations, especially in the Western world, represents a reality to be faced. In the pharmaceutical industry, it has been identified an opportunity in managing the design towards better packaging experiences for the elderly. Scientifically, the present research has as some of its main topics: design and innovation strategies for packaging; innovation and the internationalized production of packaging; design for inclusion; user-oriented design. 

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