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Gunilla Jönson

I am professor in packaging logistics and responsible for the development of the subject area. In the 1970s, Lund University initiated an adjunct professorship in packaging, as there were a number of important packaging companies established in the Scania region with an interest in well-educated students. The University engaged different industry people to hold this position. In the beginning of the 1990s, the Bo Rydin Science Foundation donated money to enable the University to establish a permanent, full-time position to aid in the packaging education and to establish research in the area.

My background is an MSc in Mechanical Engineering at Chalmers in 1967, followed by a job in a packaging branch research institute in Stockholm. The companies involved in the research programmes at the institute suggested that I take on PhD studies in parallel with my ordinary work. In 1974 I presented my thesis on packaging and logistics at Chalmers. Michigan State University then offered me an assistant professorship in East Lansing, MI, USA, where I stayed until the end of 1977. That year the institute asked me to return to Stockholm where I worked until I was headhunted for a job at SCA Packaging. After that I had several positions in Sweden, Belgium and the UK in the mid-1980s.

I worked with technology transfer, product safety and environment at SCA Packaging. Several projects with ITC in the UN were also carried out during this time.

At end of 1994 I joined the Faculty of Engineering, LTH, at Lund University to develop the packaging subject area.

Today the research group is part of the Department of Design Sciences and it has extensive collaboration with departments at LTH as well as other national and international universities.

The research is applied and the co-operation with industry is important. The courses offered are appreciated by students and are an important supplement to the logistics courses.

The research group has been able to attract external resources as well as very competent students and is now an established international group with a specialty that more and more industries are asking for.

My experiences from industry, institutes and academia have proven to be very useful in the development of packaging logistics research. It has also been important in the development of the Faculty of Engineering, of which I was the dean until 2007.

In 1998 I received King Carl XVI Gustaf's scholarship for an environmental approach in industrial development and in 2001 I became an Honorary Alumni of Michigan State University.

In 2008 I recieved the Ekman medal for meritorious technical or scientific efforts in forest industry

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