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Katrin Molina-Besch

My research interest lies in the area of sustainable packaging development. I am an environmental engineer and have a Master’s degree in Environmental Management and Policy. Prior to my PhD studies, I have worked for several years with life cycle assessment (LCA) in the packaging industry.

My research focuses on examining how to develop packaging systems so that the environmental impact along the supply chain is minimized. I am especially interested in the role of packaging for the development of sustainable food supply chains. In the first part of my research, I have analyzed packaging development processes in the food and manufacturing industry to compare theoretical concepts of green packaging development with their practical application. During the second half of my research, I have focused on the question of how to balance different environmental requirements on food packaging. There are three main areas for reducing the environmental impact of a food packaging: developing packaging that reduces food waste, reducing the environmental impact of packaging materials and improving the transport-efficiency of packaging. How should companies consider and balance these three areas during packaging development to minimize the overall environmental impact of packaging and product combinations?

I am course coordinator for the master course Packaging Technology and Development.

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