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Nathalie Silva

My name is Nathalie Silva and I started my PhD journey in March 2019.

I hold a Bachelor and a Master degrees in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Coimbra (Portugal). In 2015 I finished my Master level developing a project where Artificial Neural Networks (Artificial Intelligence) were applied in a simulated Supply Chain. It predicted disruptions and incoming orders in all the actors of that Supply Chain with high accuracy rates.

I also have some experience outside academia: I worked for more than 3 years in industry, in which two of the companies were connected to the automotive industry (in Portugal and in Belgium).

My PhD topic is related to a project for packaging optimisation within the automotive industry, in which the goal is to create guidelines for the companies to base their packaging decisions. In this case, the packaging decisions have an impact not only on the packaging selection per se but also related to transportation, inventory management, purchasing, among other activities that are directly or indirectly related. 

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