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Malin Olander Roese

My research brings together firms’ strategy, customer orientation and innovative capabilities. Three different, and yet interlinked areas which in times of change may be challenged and altered through new perspectives and processes of development and implementation.  Research which I find particularly interesting in industries and businesses with a long history like the forest and paper packaging industry, and other primary industries and sectors who are facing, or want to create, new opportunities.

In my doctoral thesis:  From PowerPoints to Reality – Managing Strategic Change in the Paper Packaging Industry,  I explore and describe challenges of moving towards a new strategic direction, how a similar journey can be managed and suggest a different way of measuring the development.

My current research focuses on context based management processes for more effective development and implementation of strategic or business model innovation, linked to innovation of firms’ offerings. My research takes the outset in practice, in issues present in industry, and is primarily based on case studies and a qualitative approach striving to address and challenge dominating schools of thought in strategy and management. Studies are conducted in the paper, packaging and consumer goods industries.

I am involved with research funded by the Bo Rydin Foundation on value added integrated product and packaging development and PIEp, a program that aims to increase product and service innovations and hence competitiveness in Sweden. I supervise Master theses in the areas of strategy, customer orientation and innovation.

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