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Judith Weiblen

My primary research interest is the packing process in distribution centers. I started to focus on this topic within my master thesis, when I looked at consolidation and packing from a quantitative perspective. During my work at the Institute for material handling and logistics I participated in a project where we structured packing in distribution centers according to standardized tasks. This enabled us to benchmark packing areas. Another aim was to identify best practice solutions for specific requirements. Therefore we did a market study with onsite visits in 25 companies with 84 packing areas. The topic of my PhD thesis will be “cycle times for packing in distribution centers”.

Most of my publications are related with another research project I worked on for 2 years. Within this project we investigated how long distance transport should be organized for lean production. The idea was to have a network of clocked milk run systems in the first and final stage of the transport. In the main run goods should be consolidated in order to transport them together via train or truck on the long distance. Further details in German are found here. Further projects I am working on are related to the following topics:

Teaching wise I offered exercises and developed case studies for the lectures “Logistics - organization, design and control of logistic systems” and “Material flow in logistic systems” as well as “Automotive Logistics“. In 2012 I started giving and organizing lectures in “Warehouse and Distribution Systems” together with my colleague Ms. Melanie Schwab. In addition to that I supervise bachelor and master thesis, whereas a list of topics can be seen here.

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Judith Weiblen
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