Lund University ranked as No 6 in the world in publishing business logistics research

Congratulations to all Logistics researcher at Lund University!

In Transportation Journal, No1 2009, Carter et al. presented a study of which Universities (affiliations) that publish most in the most well known business-oriented academic journals in the field of logistics, supply chain management and transportation. The analysis was made for 2005-2007.

In their evaluation of ”Weighted ranking of Schools [Without the non-business oriented transportation journals JTE and JTRF] Lund University was ranked as number 6. Other Nordic universities listed among the top 25 were Helsinki University of Technology (rank 15), Chalmers University of Technology (rank 16), Copenhagen Business School (rank 17).

The top 6 was:

  1. Cranfield University, UK
  2. Cardiff University, UK
  3. Michigans State University, US
  4. University of Tennessee, US
  5. Arizona State University, US
  6. Lund University, Sweden

The journals evaluated (*) were the top journals in business logistics (excluding research in operations research, urban planning etc), and the study was an update of research that has been going on since 1981.

(* Evaluated journals were Int J of Logistics Management, Int J of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, Journal of Business Logistics, Journal of Supply Chain Management, Transportation Research Part E, and Transportation Journal)

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