Master Thesis Presentation 2013-06-12

Johanna Blom present her Master Thesis project in Packaging Logistics: The packaging's role in prevention of product waste - The supply chain of bread the 12th of June at 10.00 in room DC:243.

Product waste due to damaged and destroyed products is both an environmental and economic problem in many supply chains. Improved packaging might be one way to tackle this problem, but unfortunately there is little information available on why products get destroyed or lost along the supply chain and how companies currently handle these incidents.

This project aims to investigate the packaging´s role in prevention of waste in a food supply chain of bread. By interviewing producers, retailers and consumers causes for wastage of bread and current handling of this problem can be examined. In the end the goal is to find answers to the question whether the wasting of bread can be related to the packaging or not.

Supervisor: Katrin Molina-Besch

Opponent: Lisa Axelsson-Schutt

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