Minimizing food waste with dynamic shelf-life - december 2013

A Vinnova financed project between 2013 and 2016

The goal of the project is to develop intelligent logistics and packaging systems that communicate and predict quality and product safety of cold stored food in real time. The solution will be applied along the food chain by the food industry, distributors, retailers and consumers.

A dynamic shelf-life expiration date will raise awareness of how management affects the quality of foods and will encourage improved management, which in turn will lead to longer shelf-life. This will reduce the waste of good quality food. This innovation can have additional beneficial effects on the food chain, such as improved quality, greater product safety, controlled distribution, better traceability, greater transparency and increased consumer confidence.

Sensors that are able to measure the parameters effecting food quality are of interest and will be identified, evaluated, developed and combined with predictive models for determining shelf-life and safety. These sensors and models will be integrated with distributed information systems and communication tools. This will enable a dynamic shelf-life for communication and prediction of quality and safe  food products in real time. An evaluation will be carried out on the type and degree of intelligence that should be included and distributed in the project’s  information network.

More information: Prof. Fredrik Nilsson, 

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