Presentation av examensarbete i Förpackningslogistik 2013-06-14

Malin Brofelth och Moa Alskär presenterar sitt examensarbete Influence of polymer thickness, polarity in adhesive and layer structure on dielectric breakdown in liquid carton based packages i Förpackningslogistik den 14 juni kl 14.15 i sal DC:493.

Beskrivning av arbetet: High voltage test equipment is used to measure the dielectric breakdown of polymeric material in order to detect defects in liquid carton based packages. The departments New Material Design and Applied Material Design at Tetra Pak in Lund wanted to understand how structural differences in polymeric material influence the dielectric breakdown of the material. The structural differences investigated were thickness, adhesive composition and polymeric layer structure. The master thesis was done in collaboration with Tetra Pak and the department of Packaging Logistics at Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, LTH.

Handledare: Malin Göransson
Examinator: Annika Olsson
Opponenter: Cam-Minh Tu, André Apt


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