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The Eco-Friendliness of solving Size and Fit - conference presentation in Austin Texas


Klas Hjort and Daniel Hellström, researchers at Packaging Logistics, presents The Eco-Friendliness of solving Size & Fit - Greater consequences of the global return policy war at the SXSW conference (South by Southwest) in Austin, Texas.

Today’s Apparel E-commerce is looking at an average return rate of 20-25%. This means that every four to five garments that is being purchased is being returned back to the retailer.

In the competitive realm of E-commerce, return policies have reached new heights of flexibility toward the consumer, in an attempt to compensate them for their uncertainty of fit when shopping online. As a result, we see increasing return rates, at the expense of the retailers.

Klas Hjort, Daniel Hellström and Rasmus Thofte take a step back from the day-to-day return policy war and explore the financial and environmental consequences that come with the lack of a global solution the size & fit issue.

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