Mats Johnsson

I am involved in teaching, advisory work, administration and research activities. I enjoy the work because of all the contacts I have with students, researchers and company people at different levels. Working at the Division of Packaging Logistics is exiting because it is a new discipline and the area is growing at a fast pace.

Modelling and vizualisation are two important tools in my research that focuses on how the package can be used as a value added activity in the supply chain. My research involves the development of new methods and models that can help packaging people select the best package. When the logistic system is analysed we find that selection of the right packaging system increases utilisation of the unit load, makes materials handling more cost effective, allows for more effective storage, increases the utilisation of information, and more.

We use the discrete event simulation package called AutoMod to analyse different logistic systems.

To analyse supply chains we use a demand driven supply chain simulation software that focuses on distribution.

We use CAPE and TOPS to analyse unit loads, packaging dimensions and the interaction between packaging systems.

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Mats Johnsson
Ph.D., Associate Professor 
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