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Bengt Järrehult

Apart from working 20% of my time at the Division of Packaging Logistics, I work 80% at SCA Global Hygiene Categories and SCA Packaging. My position there is as Director of Innovation and Knowledge Management. I have been working in this area for 10 years. This has given me many opportunities to focus on strategies and principles in implementing more radical and breakthrough innovation thinking and acting into mature organisations. The input I’ve received also comes from very useful networks in the European industrial sector and books, articles, blogs, podcasts, etc.

My adjunct professorship at LTH is in innovative packaging logistics, where my task is to work for a broader definition of what innovation means in the packaging logistics area, but also to try it out and find the right way forward through trial and error. My way of working is to use workshops and interactive lectures to combine findings in the field of innovation science with those of the behavioural sciences, biomimicry, complexity and game theory – they are all interrelated… mysterious ways.

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Bengt Järrehult



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