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Caroline Bramklev

My research focuses on integrated development of product and ackage. The objectives are to describe package dependent activities in the product life cycle and evaluate the relevance of integrating package development into the product development process. Research findings demonstrate strong support for the concurrent development of package and product with potentials both for product and process efficiency and effectiveness. Due to extensive diversity in composition and organisation for product development, an integrated product and packaging development procedure model is heavily dependent upon the product area. My PhD thesis provides the first proposal of a procedure model for the integration of product and package development.

Present and future research projects focus on the implementation and verification of the proposed procedure model, and other aspects of such an integration concept in industry. Aspects further elaborated are: 1) the Product-Package-System and the integration of service(s), and 2) the identification of integration factors in harmonisation of Global Product Development processes.

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Caroline Bramklev



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