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The role of packaging is becoming increasingly important and companies have started to realize that packaging can do more than just protect and promote products.

Our courses provides students with extensive competence about packaging including everything from a basic understanding of packaging functions, properties, production and use to deep insights about how packaging affects logistics and transportation in supply chains.

In all our courses, you work actively in projects with companies where you learn how to develop consumer packaging and packaging systems based on a holistic perspective and the latest research results. Several approaches and methods are introduced and used in our courses to provide students with powerful tools and a knowledge basis that they can practically apply in industry.

In our education philosophy, we focus strongly on student learning.  We believe that the combination of close industry collaboration, project based leaning, a strong research link and excellent teaching practice supports students best in their learning experience.

Education Programmes

We are very actively engaged in various education programmes. The following are partly run and managed by us:

Erasmus Mundus Master in Food Innovation and Product Design (FIPDes)

Logistics Service Management

School of Packaging in Europe

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