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Assembly Line Feeding Methods and Production Downtime


Exjobbspresentation 30 juni kl 10.00

Simon Ersbo presenterar sitt examensarbete Assembly Line Feeding Methods and Production Downtime: A Simulation-based Factorial Design Experiment den 30 juni kl 10.00 i sal 493 på IKDC, Sölvegatan 26 i Lund, och via Zoom. 

A key process in a manufacturing system with assembly lines, is the assembly line feeding, i.e. how material needed in the assembly process is replenished at the assembly lines. The purpose of the thesis project is to give insights into how different line feeding methods affect production downtime. Moreover, the impact that production batch size has on the relative performance of different line feeding methods is analyzed. The line feeding methods examined are line stocking and kitting, with either dedicated or shared storage locations in the material façade of the assembly lines.

The results show that kitting outperforms line stocking with regard to production downtime, especially when model changes are frequent. This holds even for small kit sizes. Moreover, utilizing kitting results in lower WIP-levels in the assembly lines. Using dedicated or shared storage locations in the assembly lines does not have a significant impact on the production downtime.

Handledare: Pernilla Derwik
Examinator: Henrik Pålsson
Opponenter: Arvid Cederberg

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