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Exploring customer value in parcel lockers – Licentiate seminar 13 February


split image of Yulia Vakulenko and a row of parcel lockers

Yulia Vakulenko presents her licentiate thesis in Packaging logistics on February 13, at IKDC.

If you live in Sweden, there is a two in three chance that you have shopped online at least once in the last month. You may also know that in Sweden on average, each of us spends over 3000 SEK per month buying goods and services online. It is expected that over 2 billion people will be shopping online by the year 2020, thus generating a global revenue of 4.1 trillion USD.

One image that does not usually come to mind when depicting the modern state of e-commerce is the gigantic mountain of parcels that will have to be delivered along with the growth of e-retail. The parcel locker is one of the tools that has the potential to address the emerging delivery challenges. This form of self-service technology has been implemented in some national markets, but the research has yet to pay significant attention to this tool that can partly resolve issues in the e-commerce last mile delivery.

Now Yulia Vakulenko, PhD Student at Packaging Logistics, Design Sciences, LTH, will present her licentiate thesis Exploring customer value in parcel lockers. An initial qualitative investigation.

– My research focuses on the consumers’ perspective on parcel lockers and their application in the last mile delivery. Parcel locker is a form of self-service technology, which is used for collection and return of goods purchased online. In my research, parcel lockers appear as a source of value creation for various actors within the last mile distribution, namely consumers, retailers and logistics service providers. The studies within my research are conducted with help of parcel lockers that are implemented by Nordic postal operator – PostNord AB, says Yulia Vakulenko.

What is one of the most important results within your research?
– This research generates and presents knowledge that can answer the question that keeps e-retailers and logistics service providers from committing themselves to this technology-enabled service: What’s in it for the consumer?

How do you think your research affects society?
– The research carries a possibility of revealing parcel locker potential on economic, social and environmental scale in urban and rural areas. The extracted knowledge enables the parcel locker providers (i.e. e-retailers, logistics service providers, municipalities, etc.) to improve the service availability and increase the live quality at rural areas. In cities, it can improve the service quality by reducing queuing time, optimizing the delivery routes (thus reducing logistics’ environmental impact) and providing consumers with flexible delivery options.

If you look forward – what happens after your licentiate thesis?
– The next step after the licentiate is to conduct a major quantitative investigation on parcel lockers in the Helsingborg area – Helsingborg city, Mjöhult and Laröd.

Yulia Vakulenko presents her licentiate thesis Exploring customer value in parcel lockers: An initial qualitative investigation in Packaging Logistics
February 13, 10:15-12:00
Room 304 at IKDC (Ingvar Kamprad Design Centre),Sölvegatan 26 in Lund.

Please contact Yulia at if you wish to read the thesis before the seminar.

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