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Economic Considerations of a Sustainable City Logistics-based Business Model - licentiate seminar 13 April


Konstantina Katsela

Konstantina Katsela, PhD Student in Packaging Logistics. Photo: Erik Andersson

− There is a big challenge for cities of the future to achieve a cost-effective distribution of goods and good coordination and collaboration between the stakeholders, since they are necessary in order to obtain successful city logistics concepts and thus sustainable and liveable cities, says Konstantina Katsela.

She is a doctoral student in Packaging Logistics at LTH and examines the components of a city logistics-based business model, in an effort to investigate the problems, obstacles and success factors for implementing coordinated goods distribution in the cities.

Urban freight transportation systems are causing a variety of social impacts in many cities across the world, apart from economic and environmental ones. At the city level these impacts are resulting in problems including premature mortality, disability, aggravation of respiratory and cardiovascular disease, and sleep disturbance. Meanwhile at a global scale these impacts are argued to be contributing to climate change effects. Urban freight transport is a contributor to all of these negative impacts, and has increased its impacts over recent decades as urban populations have grown resulting in the demand for ever-more freight flows to support these inhabitants and the resident businesses.

− In an attempt to reduce the scale of these negative impacts, my research proposes the city logistics-based business, which can be implemented in a range of initiatives, and is intended to alter urban freight operations.

Welcome to Konstantina Katsela’s licentiate seminar.

On April 13th at 10.15-12.00 she will present her licentiate thesis The Economic Considerations of a Sustainable City Logistics-based Business Model.

The seminar will be held in room 304 (3rd floor), Ingvar Kamprad Designcentrum, IKDC, Sölvegatan 26 in Lund.

Principal supervisor: Henrik Pålsson, Faculty of Engineering LTH
Reviewer: Michael Browne, professor Industrial and Financial Management and Logistics, Department of Business Administration, University of Gothenburg

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