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Unattented Collection and Delivery Points


Exjobbspresentation den 12 juni kl 14.00

Marcus Hoon Halbauer presenterar sitt examensarbete Unattented Collection and Delivery Points - Exploring the concepts and physical configuration den 12 juni klockan 14.00 i sal 467, IKDC, Sölvegatan 26

The unattended collection and delivery point (UCDP), more commonly known as the parcel locker, is one of several solutions to address  the last mile delivery problem in logistics, which has arisen due to an increase in online retail sales. In this Master Thesis project, the available concepts of the UCDP are explored. Furthermore, several factors which affect the physical configuration of the UCDP, such as number of containers and storage sizes, are explored using a simulation model developed in collaboration with IKEA.

Handledare: Pernilla Derwik
Examinator: Daniel Hellström
Opponenter: Fredrik Wadmark, Andrés Poveda Alcañiz

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