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Packaging Logistics

Packaging Logistics is devoted to the advancement of knowledge and education of students in the interlinked areas of packaging, logistics, product development, and marketing, and to integrate these areas into product, process and service innovations.


Packaging course provides students with valuable lessons and contacts

– The diversity of our knowledge and experiences meant that we learned a lot from each other in the project, says Frida Sterner, one of the students in the course "Packaging Technology



"Some of the materials will probably not be recycled, but composted instead."

The use of substances from citrus rinds in bioplastics is an example of how we can be inspired by nature’s own



Rural areas risk being forgotten in e-commerce

What does online shopping mean for those living in rural areas? A lot, according to researchers in logistics at Lund


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Daniel Hellström
Associate Professor, Head of division 

Erik Andersson
PhD, Research Coordinator 

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