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Courses given by Packaging logistics

The role of packaging is complex and is becoming increasingly important. At Packaging logistics students acquire knowledge about packaging properties and functions, production and use, as well as of how packaging affects logistics and transportation in supply chains. 

Courses at Packaging logistics combine project-based learning in close industry collaboration with a strong link to research in addition to excellent teaching, to best support students in their learning experience. The sustainability perspective is present throughout the courses. Different approaches and methods are introduced and used in the courses providing students with powerful tools which all together create a holistic knowledge base that can be practically applied in the industry.

Master's courses

Packaging Logistics offers students advanced courses as part of several educational programmes at the Faculty of Engineering, LTH. All courses are closely linked to our research and carried out in collaboration with the industry. Find out more about the choice of courses:

Packaging Technology and Development – MTTN40 – 7.5 credits

An interdisciplinary course that deals with packaging from different perspectives. By working on an industry related project with other students you learn about the different issues that have to be considered – such as user perspectives, the influence packaging has on product protection, the environment and marketing issues. 

Course information – Packaging Technology and Development

Packaging Logistics – MTTN35 – 7.5 credits

The purpose of this course is to provide knowledge and skills in analysing, evaluating, designing and selecting packaging system based on the needs and requirements of various companies and organizations in a supply chain.

Course information – Packaging Logistics

Packaging Material Science – MTTN56 – 7.5 credits

A multidisciplinary course with the aim to give students knowledge about and practical experience from testing characteristics of different packaging materials and evaluate their consequences from a supply chain perspective.

Course information – Packaging Material Science

Food and Packaging Innovation – MTTN50 – 7.5 credits

The course gives students practical experience in project management in food and packaging innovation and also understanding and experience in running international projects.

Course information – Food and Packaging Innovation

Engineering Training Course – MTTF96 – 15 credits

This course gives students a chance to get acquainted with their future professional roles and the conditions at a workplace. This is done by having eight weeks of continuous work at a company.

Course information – Engineering Training Course

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