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Packaging Material Science

This multidisciplinary course (MTTN56) aims to give students knowledge and understanding of characteristics and functions of different packaging materials as well as practical experience in a supply chain context.

Lectures, laboratory exercises and project work

The course includes lectures given by teachers at Packaging logistics and at Solid mechanics as well as by experts from the packaging industry.

Some basic laboratory exercises are performed to test and evaluate packaging materials and their properties. In addition to this, study visits to packaging related industries are organized for students to obtain insights of how packaging materials are tested and evaluated in the industry.

In parallel, a literature assignment and a packaging material project is conducted. The aim is to evaluate packaging material characteristics and their consequences through the length of the supply chains. Students will work on different aspects of packaging material science.

Different levels of learning

The section includes critical review and use of information in the packaging material science literature, analysis of consequences for different actors in the supply chains, implementation of data and knowledge obtained from the laboratory exercises and constructive evaluation of and feedback on peer students’ work.


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