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Agile transformation in companies – how to make it successful? Licentiate presentation December 5

In software development, agile approaches have proven to be effective. But when companies introduce change initiatives to implement agile methods in other areas, several challenges often arise. One of the main ones is the lack of a common understanding. Different understandings can lead to frustration, increased workload and costs - factors that can prevent change initiatives from being successful.

Jessika Sellergren – Published 1 December 2023

A window with many post-it notes. Photo.
Welcome to the presentation of the licentiate thesis "Large-scale agile transformation in a manufacturing company" on December 5. Photo: Unsplash

This topic has been explored by Silvia Orejuela, PhD student in Transformative Innovation at LTH in her licentiate thesis Large-scale agile transformation in a manufacturing company - A knowledge-based view which is now presented.

Her research highlights the challenges faced by companies striving to implement agile methods beyond software development.

According to Silvia Orejuela, the lack of a common understanding of agile is one of the biggest challenges, especially related to the roles of managers, change leaders and consultants. The reason is that they are key roles for successful change initiatives. Especially in the initial process of establishing a shared vision and commitment to the change process.

One way to overcome obstacles is to use an iterative and adaptive implementation of agile methods in companies, focusing on bridging knowledge boundaries between organizational units and promoting a uniform understanding of agile principles throughout the organization, says Silvia Orejuela.

Welcome to the presentation of the licentiate thesis on December 5 at 13.15 in room 304, Ingvar Kamprad Design Center, Sölvegatan 26 in Lund.

Silvia Orejuela. Foto.

Silvia Orejuela

Silvia Orejuela is a doctoral student in Transformative Innovation at the Faculty of Engineering, Lund University.
Silvia Orejuela — Lund University

Do you want to know more about the research? Download the licentiate thesis:
Large-scale agile transformation in a manufacturing company: a knowledge-based view — Lund University

What is an agile approach?

Silvia Orejuela explains that agile working is becoming more and more common. The term agile is associated with adaptability and flexibility linked to change processes. An agile approach involves an iterative and exploratory approach to solving problems and generating new ideas and processes.