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Award for most relevant conference paper

Researchers from the Division of Packaging Logistics have been awarded the prestigious "NOFOMA and Göran Persson Award for the Most Relevant Conference Paper for Practice" at the NOFOMA35 conference in Helsinki-Espoo, Finland.

– Published 4 September 2023

People showing their diplomas. Photo.
Markku Kuula, Aalto University, Diogo Figueirinhas, Lund University, Yulia Vakulenko, Lund University, Henrik Pålsson, Lund University, Daniel Hellström, Lund University and Gyöngyi Kovács, Hanken School of Economics.

The team, comprised of Yulia Vakulenko, Diogo Figueirinhas, Daniel Hellström, and Henrik Pålsson, were recognized for their paper titled The Impact of Order Fulfillments on Consumer Experience: Text Mining Consumer Reviews and Ratings from Amazon US.

The study aims to understand the intricacies of consumer experience in e-retail settings by examining online reviews and ratings. Utilizing Natural Language Processing techniques and text analytics, the study reveals key experience touchpoints in the order fulfillment process. These touchpoints are various stages in the consumer journey that have the potential to significantly influence customer satisfaction, where the study provides a nuanced understanding of their relative importance to the overall consumer experience. The research reveals 12 such critical touchpoints, and carries practical implications, enabling businesses to utilize consumer-generated data for better service design, performance assessment, and targeted improvements.

The research is funded by Helsingborgs Handelsförening.

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