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Giving circular deliveries a try - in Dagens Logistik

Business models based on collaborative consumption and circularity also need to be efficient from a logistics standpoint, or the environmental benefits might be lost. A research project is now letting key actors in the delivery chain explore circular packaging.

– Published 19 January 2023

Person carrying a box under their arm. Photo.
Photo: Pexels

"This flow isn't hard to solve in an isolated system, but it won't be efficient enough - many delivery trucks are driving empty on their way back," Fredrik Nilsson, Professor in Packaging Logistics tells Dagens Logistik. 

Read the Swedish article "De testar cirkulära leveranser" in Dagens Logistik, published 2022-12-22

portrait photo of Fredrik Nilsson.

Fredrik Nilsson

Fredrik Nilsson is a Professor in Packaging Logistics at Design Sciences, LTH