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Packaging project on the prestigious 100 list

A project about handling Climate-efficient packaging solutions with AI from Packaging Logistics in Lund is included in this year's 100 list of research projects that have special potential to create benefits. The list is compiled by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA.

– Published 11 May 2023

A pile of cardboard boxes. Photo.
The Packaging Logistics project is on the IVA 100 list. Researchers Henrik Pålsson, Daniel Hellström and Diogo Figueirinhas are the project initiators. Photo: Unsplash

Every year since 2019, IVA compiles a list of 100 selected research projects. This year, a total of 13 research projects from Lund University made the list – which is more projects than from any other university. Ten of the projects are connected to LTH, including the packaging project.

The researchers in packaging logistics, Henrik Pålsson and Daniel Hellström and PhD student Diogo Figueirinhas, have developed a web-based system support which measures, improves, simulates and predicts the total climate and cost impact of packaging when using packaging in supply chains. The system uses AI-based algorithms to provide users with suggestions for climate and cost improvements.

The researchers say that the system has been demonstrated at, among others, IKEA, where it clearly illustrates the possibility of minimizing the packaging's total climate impact and achieving circular flows for both existing and new packaging solutions. The system gives users the tools to become a "packaging genius", say the initiators Henrik Pålsson, Daniel Hellström and Diogo Figueirinhas.

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