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Strategic innovation programmes

The strategic innovation programmes of the future are under development. The Swedish Energy Agency, Formas and Vinnova have been given the task of launching the programmes, which will contribute to global competitiveness through transition for sustainable development, innovation and groundbreaking research.

– Published 14 February 2023

small boxes in a miniature shopping cart. Photo.

The project "Sustainable retail and consumption" ("Framtidens hållbara handel och konsumtion") is one of 23 projects that have recieved financing to develop programme ideas and gather actors. Leading the project is Daniel Hellström at Packaging Logistics, LTH and ASTER.  

Read about the financed projects at Vinnova's website: 23 projekt får stöd för att kraftsamla inför Impact innovation

Read more about this project at ASTER's website: Sveriges handel går före - hållbar konsumtion är framtiden för svensk konkurrenskraft


portrait of Daniel Hellström.


Daniel Hellström, Senior Lecturer in Packaging Logistics, Design Sciences, LTH.