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21 September 2023

Policymakers are currently deliberating on packaging reuse targets in the proposed EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR). But do they have the necessary evidence to make those decisions for all packaged products? A systematic review of 159 relevant scientific studies on packaging alternatives for perishable liquid foods — milk, juices, [...]

5 September 2023

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of climate change and place ever higher sustainability demands on retail. Retail, which constitutes a critical link between producers and consumers and plays a significant role in production and consumption patterns, seeks to find innovative solutions to reduce its environmental impact.

4 September 2023

Researchers from the Division of Packaging Logistics have been awarded the prestigious "NOFOMA and Göran Persson Award for the Most Relevant Conference Paper for Practice" at the NOFOMA35 conference in Helsinki-Espoo, Finland.

14 February 2023

The strategic innovation programmes of the future are under development. The Swedish Energy Agency, Formas and Vinnova have been given the task of launching the programmes, which will contribute to global competitiveness through transition for sustainable development, innovation and groundbreaking research.

23 January 2023

For e-commerce companies, it is cheaper to throw away returned items rather than selling them again. In a new study, researchers at Lund University in Sweden interviewed members of the textile and electronics industries in Europe, hoping to better understand a problem that is snowballing, yet has been the subject of little research.

19 January 2023

Business models based on collaborative consumption and circularity also need to be efficient from a logistics standpoint, or the environmental benefits might be lost. A research project is now letting key actors in the delivery chain explore circular packaging.

12 December 2022

Are you interested in Packaging Technology? The division of Packaging Logistics is now looking for an Assistant Professor focusing on Packaging Technology who can complement existing competence and ensure future competence within the research group.

5 October 2022

Listen to the podcast "Forskarmötet" by the Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council, Handelsrådet, where Stefan Karlsson at Packaging Logistics talks about why e-commerce returns can be useful, why the industry should listen more to research, and what it was that got him onto the research track himself.  Forskarmötet #9: Stefan Karlsson – at [...]

7 June 2022

Yulia Vakulenko grew up in a small Russian town north of the Arctic Circle, today she works at Lund University. When Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February, her world was turned upside down.

15 April 2022

More and more plastic is replaced by paper in retail - but is it more sustainable? In search of an answer, Ehandel asked Daniel Hellström and Katrin Molina-Besch, researchers in packaging logistics at Design Sciences, LTH.