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7 December 2023

The textile industry has a large climate impact and reuse of clothes is seen as part of the sustainable transformation of the industry. Now, Daniel Hellström and John Olsson at Packaging Logistics, LTH, present their article on a circular business model that creates a more sustainable fashion trade.

1 December 2023

In software development, agile approaches have proven to be effective. But when companies introduce change initiatives to implement agile methods in other areas, several challenges often arise. One of the main ones is the lack of a common understanding. Different understandings can lead to frustration, increased workload and costs - factors that [...]

26 October 2023

How long does it take to comfort someone? Does an egg need to be fried rather than boiled? Lund University Magazine (LUM) invited home care researchers from the School of Social Work and the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) for a conversation. They are meeting for the first time; their discussions cover stress, responsibility and participation. Their [...]

2 October 2023

How can Universal Design be used to incorporate human diversity in urban development and built environment? Lilian Müller, Ph.D student in Rehabilitation engineering at LTH, explores this question in her doctoral thesis “Bridging the Gaps - Realising Human Diversity in the Built Environment Through Universal Design”.

28 September 2023

Packaging research conducted by Lund university do indeed generate various benefits for people, the planet, and businesses.

22 September 2023

The transport sector is converting to electric vehicles and more environmentally friendly fuels. But knowledge is lacking about what this means for the spread of particles from brakes, tires and road. But soon we will know more: Joakim Pagels, aerosol researcher at Lund University, Faculty of Engineering, has been awarded SEK 4,984,000 by Afa [...]

21 September 2023

Policymakers are currently deliberating on packaging reuse targets in the proposed EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR). But do they have the necessary evidence to make those decisions for all packaged products? A systematic review of 159 relevant scientific studies on packaging alternatives for perishable liquid foods — milk, juices, [...]

5 September 2023

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of climate change and place ever higher sustainability demands on retail. Retail, which constitutes a critical link between producers and consumers and plays a significant role in production and consumption patterns, seeks to find innovative solutions to reduce its environmental impact.

4 September 2023

Researchers from the Division of Packaging Logistics have been awarded the prestigious "NOFOMA and Göran Persson Award for the Most Relevant Conference Paper for Practice" at the NOFOMA35 conference in Helsinki-Espoo, Finland.

11 May 2023

A project about handling Climate-efficient packaging solutions with AI from Packaging Logistics in Lund is included in this year's 100 list of research projects that have special potential to create benefits. The list is compiled by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA.