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Omnichannel retailing

The world of retailing is rapidly evolving. The online channel, new technology, and digital channels have dramatically changed our shopping behaviour.

In our omnichannel retailing research, we are taking a broad perspective on logistics and supply chain management issues centred on how shoppers are influenced and move through channels in their consumption process.

So far, we have special interest and experience in last-mile logistics, including fulfilment and delivery processes, and the management of product returns in omnichannel retailing. A salient feature of our research in this exiting and fast moving area is its close collaboration with the retail industry.

Global Goals

The research within the area "Omnichannel retailing" is linked to the UN Global Goals, which are described in more detail on Design Science's website in Swedish: 

person with smartphone leaning over a shopping cart. photo.
Photo: Rawpixel

Researcher profiles

In the Lund University Research Portal: 

Daniel Hellström
Associate professor

Klas Hjort
Senior Lecturer

Henrik Pålsson

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