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22 April 2024

What is known about the interaction between universities and the surrounding society? Is the knowledge the same as that generated by collaborative research? What are the benefits for the different actors: students, companies and universities? How can the interaction be successful?

28 February 2024

Lund University is strengthening its work in retail and logistics at Campus Helsingborg, under the name REAL - Center for Retail and Logistics. The center is profiled towards sustainability, digitalization and changing working life - the major challenges that trade and logistics have to deal with. Lund University and the City of Helsingborg are [...]

12 February 2024

Bling is associated with expensive, ostentatious accessories and “bad taste”. This contrasts with the prevailing aesthetic values of the design world. But what happens when bling and design are brought together? A new thesis in industrial design from the Faculty of Engineering (LTH), Lund University in Sweden, shows that provocations – such as [...]

29 January 2024

3D printing, or additive manufacturing as it is also called, is a useful alternative to traditional manufacturing methods. However, the unique benefits also come with limitations and difficulties. Some of the challenges are related to printing orientation and geometry deviations, which is of great importance in order to be able to take full [...]

23 January 2024

How well does the Swedish urban environment suit its citizens? Is it welcoming and inclusive, or are there barriers that make life more difficult for citizens? New research from the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) at Lund University, Sweden shows that urban design and the built environment do not always comply with current legislation. However, if [...]

8 January 2024

An article about e-commerce returns being thrown away rather than repackaged was widely circulated in 2023.

11 December 2023

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) appoints 40 new Fellows – Åsa Lindholm Dahlstrand at LTH is one of them.

7 December 2023

The textile industry has a large climate impact and reuse of clothes is seen as part of the sustainable transformation of the industry. Now, Daniel Hellström and John Olsson at Packaging Logistics, LTH, present their article on a circular business model that creates a more sustainable fashion trade.

1 December 2023

In software development, agile approaches have proven to be effective. But when companies introduce change initiatives to implement agile methods in other areas, several challenges often arise. One of the main ones is the lack of a common understanding. Different understandings can lead to frustration, increased workload and costs - factors that [...]

26 October 2023

How long does it take to comfort someone? Does an egg need to be fried rather than boiled? Lund University Magazine (LUM) invited home care researchers from the School of Social Work and the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) for a conversation. They are meeting for the first time; their discussions cover stress, responsibility and participation. Their [...]