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Sustainable supply chain management

Sustainable supply chain management integrates financially and environmentally responsible processes and practices from raw material acquisition, via product development, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, consumption, and reverse logistics, to end of life.

Our research uses various theoretical lenses to study and develop strategies, processes and practices to manage the complex supply chains in order to simultaneously reduce the total carbon footprint and obtain cost savings.

We combine a business perspective with our engineering competence to gain insights from technology to this thematic area. We particularly focus on the role of packaging, which influences and is affected by every logistics activity throughout the supply chains, to study sustainable supply chain management in practice.

Global Goals

The research within the area "Sustainable supply chain management" is linked to the UN Global Goals, which are described in more detail on Design Science's website in Swedish: 

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Researcher profiles

In the Lund University Research Portal:

Henrik Pålsson

Fredrik Nilsson

Klas Hjort
Senior Lecturer

Katrin Molina-Besch
Associate Senior Lecturer

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