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Urban and rural transport systems

Reduced impact of transportation is an important part of global and domestic climate goals, but the long-term trend shows increased freight transport.

Our research on urban and rural transport systems uses a systems approach to study to address this urgent challenge. To have expertise on the many different dimensions of the freight transport system, we collaborate with researchers in other disciplines. We have also collaboration with public and private stakeholders in the freight transport system.

The research on urban and rural transport systems covers, for instance, city logistics, system effects of using longer and heavier vehicles, long-term transformation of freight transport, emissions reduction approaches, and barriers and drivers for sustainable freight transport.

Global Goals

The research within the area "Urban and rural transport systems" is linked to the UN Global Goals, which are described in more detail on Design Science's website in Swedish:

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Researcher Profiles

In the Lund University Research Portal:

Daniel Hellström
Associate professor

Henrik Pålsson

Klas Hjort
Senior Lecturer

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